About me

I’m Dublin based product design lead, currently working at Intercom.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been gaining diverse experience in digital agencies, startups and huge tech companies. I had co-founded a startup and failed. I had managed design teams and switched back on IC track. I never stop learning.

After work, I usually learn new songs on guitar, filming a new travel video or taking beautiful Irish views for Instagram.

Product design experience

Product designer, design systems lead

Brought the design system to maturity and adoption. Established a new way of managing the system without a centralised team. Switched the design team to Figma, drove a number of DesignOps initiatives.

Chief designer, design systems lead

Initiated and drove the work on the design system, made it public. Switched the design team to Sketch, implemented design crits.

Design team lead

Led the team of 3 designers to work
on the set of productivity tools. Initiated and drove a major redesign of the product.


01 Research

I always start with by partnering with PM on understanding the problem. We collect customer voice and other evidence of the problem, clarify the jobs we’re optimising for and review competitors’ solutions.

At this stage, we may also develop high-level guiding principles that’ll help us to align and make decisions.

02 Think big

When we’re clear on the problem, the next step is to develop a high-level North Star vision of a possible solution. I’m aiming for exploring multiple directions, evaluating their pros and cons and proposing the path we should take.

03 Start small

After establishing a general long-term direction, the next step I take is to scope down the solution to a reasonable minimum that’ll allow us to ship soon and learn from customers’ feedback.

04 Measure & iterate

At the beginning of each project, I partner with PM to establish the metric that’ll allow us to measure the success. After we’ve tested the solution internally and shipped it to beta, the time is to measure the results, iterate and ship to all.

In fact, it’s only the beginning of the project: with more feedback and measurements come further iterations.