Paradigm design system


Chief designer


2 years



Company has ever-growing suite of unrelated products (25+ at the time). Product teams are vastly distributed across the org and have no established communication. Each product team uses its own technological stack.


Ground work on the design system had been conducted, but now it’s in on freeze without an owner.

Where it all began: various pieces of documentation scattered across Photoshop and Confluence


The design system has been brought to a high level of maturity and launched to the public.

  • I developed the first version of the design system single-source-of-truth website to align design and engineering across a vast variety of distributed teams
  • The first version of design tokens implemented, which allowed existing and new products to benefit from the design system regardless of the tech stack
  • The system has become widely adopted across the org

Two pillars of the design system: documentation and design assets