Pulse design system


  • Company had the design system, but it was outdated and barely used.
  • Product teams are distributed across global offices and not synchronised.
  • Established working process and company culture don’t incentivise consistency.


  • Drive the the design system
  • Establish strong connections with designers, nurture the value of consistency among them
  • Enable designers with tools (e.g. Figma library, internal Figma plugins) and process optimisations
  • Drive the process of switching the system to a federated model


  • Reboot the design system
  • Bring it to a world-class mature state
  • Increase the adoption and engagement
  • Make it sustainable without a centralised team


  • The design system was brought to a high level of maturity.
  • The usage and overall adoption of design system has risen significantly.
  • New components and tools were built which saved dozens of days of engineers work.
  • The system was switched from a centralised to a federated model which allowed to maintain and grow the system without having a centralised team.
  • A number of design system advocates was nurtured among designers and engineers which improved the adoption of the system and consistency of UI.