Pulse design system


Design lead, acting PM


1,5 years


Designer, PM, EM, Engineers (x4)


The existing design system was outdated, ambiguous and barely used. Product teams were distributed across global
 offices and not deeply synchronised. Established work processes and company
 culture didn’t incentivise consistency.


Intercom decides to form a dedicated design system and designer enablement team to address the above.


The design system has been brought to a high level of maturity and adoption.

  • 50+ components, internal Figma plugins, Mac app
  • Consistent increase in component usage in code and Figma
  • Growing number of contributions to the system

The design system has been switched to a federated mode.

  • The system was managed without a centralised team
  • 40+ days of engineering work saved during the trial
  • 100% of designers have contributed to the system