With a group of Russian design system evangelists, we discussed the present and the future of this sphere. How design systems have transformed over the past 5 years and where all that is heading.

The talk I gave this winter at Mail.Ru.

I covered the lessons learned over almost 2 years at Intercom.

The processes and specialities of the company that impressed me the most. What I had to get used to, and what should be taken into service. Difficult nuances of working on an infrastructure project. The most vivid impressions of the design-driven company and the experience of emigration.

The roundtable about the implementation aspect of design systems.
How companies approach implementing and maintaining systems at scale.

The presentation about the Paradigm design system, that I’ve been a driver of in Mail.Ru.

The story of the design system, its principles and main features.

Roundtable about design systems and the main questions about them.

How we created the calligraphic identity for Dribbble Meetup conference.