Yandex Mail


Design team lead


2013 – 2016


The redesigned product allowed to open emails right in the inbox


“Mail” is one of the oldest (17.5 y.o. at the time) and biggest (32.5M MAU at the time) products of Yandex.

As a productivity tool with a huge audience, it has a considerably high demand from users. As a product with such a long history, it has a very high pile of design and tech debt, which hinders further development.

After conducting some ground-work, I initiated a redesign, which would allow us to rethink the product without deep constraints of legacy.


The redesigned product had been shipped and is still production.

  • Staggered release allowed us to avoid the drop of retention and churn
  • We’ve managed to increase the advertising revenue without sacrificing the quality of UX

Multi-pane interface in the mail client